2022 FNB July Handicap registration process completed

Horse registration process was completed on Monday and approximately 80 horses have been drawn in 17 different races, in both Nambred and Import categories.

The FNB July Handicap is organized as part of a recently concluded sponsorship agreement between FNB Namiba (the sponsor) and Professor Supporters Club Namibia (the organizing club).

Under this agreement, the two parties have signed a three year agreement to run from 2022, 2023 and 2024, whereby FNB Namibia will provide an annual amount of N$ 300,000.

The total amount over the three years is N$ 900,000.

The relationship between FNB Namibia and Professor Supporters Club Namibia has resulted in the following achievements:

All roads will lead to Okahatjipara Turf Club, near Okondjatu, which is ‘ The Home of Professor’ and which is affectionately referred to as the ‘ Wembley of Horse Racing in Namibia.’

The size of a race and its popularity is usually determined by the number of horses to participate at such event. Every horse has its own following and Supporters.

Professor Supporters Club Namibia is proud to be associated with the FNB July Handicap series and is looking forward to host one of the biggest events on the Namibian horse racing calendars.

Covid – 19 is still posing a serious threats and spectators are urged to observe some of the basic Covid protocols such as sanitizing, washing hands, maintaining of social distance, wearing a mask, etc.

The Namibian Police will be in full attendance and maintanance of law and order is of utmost importance.

An ambulance service will be available to provide the necessary medical back up. On the horses side, a Vet will be in attendance as well.

Random testing of the use of alcohol will be contacted on the jockeys. The organizers would like to prevent injuries from negligent behavior.

The total amount for the event is N$ 260,000. There are three special races:1. Race 1B and Race 9B, which is for young Nambred horses, new entrants fir the first or second time. Legendary horses such as Professor have also started at that stage.2. Race 14 over a distance of 1800 m is the top of the Nambred division, which is a combination between Division D and Division A. A whopping amount of N$ 30,000 have been allocated for this race. (which is the first time for such an amount to be allocated to this division).3. The main race, the 2022 FNB July Handicap race over a distance of 2400 m is for the Import horses. There will be 12 horses competing in this category. A total of N$ 60,000 has been allocated to this race. Once again, it is the first time in the history of Namibia horseracing that such an amount has been allocated to only one race. Everyone is a winner in this race. The first six horses will each share in the winning jackpot, but only one horse will be crowned as the Undisputed Champion of 2022 FNB July Handicap.

Professor Supporters Club Namibia is very optimistic with the development of horse racing in Namibia and would like to thank the Namibian Horse Racing Association for their efforts in bringing this sport to the grassroots.

Secondly, 2023 will be the year when Professor Supporters Namibia would like to cross the frontiers and invite horses from neighboring Botswana for participation at the 2023 FNB July Handicap.

‘We believe we have the ability to stage such a big event and we have the necessary facilities as well as the ever migrating lovers of horse racing in Namibia’ said Mr. Zuma Kavirombo, a Member of the Executive Committee of Professor Supporters Club Namibia.