2021/22 WPL: Women’s League Board apologizes for ‘shameful’ winners’ medals

The Vice-Chairperson of the Women’s League Board, Rosalind Amoh has apologized for the shameful medals awarded to the winners of the 2021/22 Womens’ Premier League.

Following Ampem Darkoa Ladies’ 5 – 3 victory over Hasaacas Ladies to clinch the title, medals awarded to Ampem Darkoa Ladies have dominated the local media for the wrong reasons.

The organizers of the Womens’ League have been slammed for the ugly medals awarded to the winners.

Rosalind Amoh speaking in an interview explained that the Women’s League saw an opportunity to encourage and build the capacity of a local start-up.

“Unfortunately, the medals have become the talk of the town but we understand that bad news sells,” she told Citi Sports.

“We had contracted some young and enthusiastic group of guys who are trying to set up their own business so they approached and said they wanted us to give them an opportunity.

“We asked for a sample, initially they brought a nice sample and we thought that for a handmade medal it could be used as an antique in future.

“We asked them to go get it sorted out.

“Unfortunately the work was delivered late and because they needed to produce over 100 handmade medals and did not have the technology to pull it off there is little we could have done.

“They were doing everything based on their natural skill and talent.

“When it was brought to us we realized that the finishing was not the best but under the circumstances, we could not reject it.

“Lessons have been learned and so we will make sure to not repeat it going forward,” she added.

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