Partey: Winning the World Cup is not easy

Thomas Partey, Ghanaian midfielder, believes that his country is capable of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup next round.

Ghana defeated South Korea 3-2 today, Monday, in the second round of the group stage at the Qatar World Cup.

“We promised to win against Korea, but we knew that the match would not be easy, and that winning the World Cup does not come easily,” Barty said, in comments broadcast by “beIN” after the match.

He added, “Substitutions help improve and develop teams’ performance on the field.”

And he continued, “We tried to adapt to the situation in the second half, and we succeeded in taking advantage of the opportunities that were available to us, scoring and defending strongly for our goal.”

He continued, “We will try to qualify for the second round, and we will give everything we have in the next match.”

He concluded, stressing: “Things will not be easy against Uruguay, but we will fight for qualification.”

Ghana’s national team now has 3 points, after losing in the first round against Portugal (3-2).