Ghana abort The Korean Remontada in breathtaking match

Ghana’s team beat South Korea’s 3/2 on Monday in the second round of the Group Eight World Cup in Qatar.

Ghana won their first three points in the tournament, while the balance of the South Korean team froze at one point, waiting for the outcome of the second match in the group, which brings together Portugal and Uruguay.

Ghanaian national team advanced through Mehmet Salisso in the 24th minute, before Mohammed Qadous added the second goal in the 34th minute.

In the 58th minute, Zhou Joy Sang scored South Korea’s first goal, before the same player added the second goal in the 61st minute.

In the 68th minute, Mohamed Qadous scored the third goal of the Ghanaian team.

The match began with an intense attack by South Korea, in order to score an early goal, which the Ghanaian team met with defensive caution, as their players shrank in the penalty area.

Korea’s Jeong Woo Yeong pushed off the penalty area border hitting Ghana’s defenses and passing a corner kick, which almost resulted in the goal of advancing for the Asian national team, but Ghana’s defense removed the ball in time.

The corner kicks were multiplied in favor of the Korean national team, reaching 7 corners, but they were not taken advantaged.

Over time, Ghana began to enter the atmosphere of the match and swap their Korean counterpart attacks, and from the first chance to score, the Black Stars team scored the first goal in the 24th minute via Mohamed Saliso.

Saliso followed a free kick from the left, carried out by Jordan Ayo incidental, which the Korean team failed to keep away, and the ball prepared against Saliso, who is in front of the goal, to run directly from inside the region, putting the ball inside the net.

The morale of Ghana’s players rose after the goal of progress, while frustration prevailed among the elements of the Korean team, to witness the 34th minute the second goal of the team coming from the African continent through Mohammed Qadous.

Jordan Ayo sent an elaborate crossball from the left, whom a saint met with a great headstroke, putting the ball to the left of Kim Seung-jeu, South Korea’s goalkeeper.

Korea tried to absorb the shock of the two goals and return to the meeting again, and Jung Wuweng fired an arched shot from outside the region in the first minute of time counted instead of wasted, but the ball passed next to the left standing.

On the other hand, Ghana missed the opportunity to consolidate the result in the last minute of lost time, with a headstroke from Thomas Party, but the ball slightly raised the crossbar, after which the referee of the meeting whistled at the end of the first half with the Ghanaian team advanced by two goals.

At the start of the second half, the South Korean team attacked hard, trying to return in the match, while the Ghanaian team tried to maintain the result of their lead, so resorted to defense.

In the 58th minute, South Korea scored their first goal through Cho Joy Sang, who received a cross from teammate Li Kang-in, turning it with a header in the net.

It wasn’t another three minutes before the South Korean team scored the equaliser through Cho Joy Sang again, in the same way the first goal with a headstroke to draw his team and start the game again.

But Ghana managed to organize and attacked South Korea again, scoring the third goal through Mohammed Qadous in the 68th minute.

Qadous’ goal came after receiving a ball inside the penalty area from teammate Gideon Mensah, to hit a ball in a great way to inhabit South Korea.

The Korean team tightened their attacks in order to achieve a draw, but the Ghanaian team managed to maintain their lead until the referee whistled the end of the match by winning a 3/2 result.