Belgium coach explains the reasons for the loss to Morocco

Spain’s Roberto Martinez, coach of the Belgium national team, considered that the loss to Morocco (2-0), today, Sunday, in the second round of the World Cup group stage, was disappointing.

Martinez said, in the press conference after the end of the match: “We missed many opportunities, and the Moroccan team took advantage of its opportunities, so we lost.”

He added, “We did not have enough luck, and we did not enjoy playing today.”

He continued, “Set-piece kicks are the most difficult thing we have faced. Morocco’s kicks were accurate and direct, which put Courtois in a difficult position.”

The Moroccan national team scored its first goal through Abdel Hamid Sabry from a direct free kick, and Hakim Ziyech scored another goal from a free kick moments before the end of the first half, but it was canceled due to the offside of Ghanem Sayes interfering in the game, after returning to video technology.

He continued, “We have to learn from the past, and the course of the match gave victory to Morocco.”

And he added, “We played better than Canada’s first match, but our reaction was not good, and we had to try harder, which led us to lose the three points.”

He concluded his remarks: “We prepare the players for the next match against Croatia, and we have to win to continue in the tournament. We have the talent, and the quality is there.”