Iwobi Raves About New Role At Everton

Super Eagles winger Alex Iwobi is delighted with his new found confidence at Premier League club, Everton this season.

Iwobi has been one of the top performers for the Toffees this season.

The player stated that he is enjoying his time on the pitch this season.

“It’s nice to get acknowledged by the fans, but I just tried to stay level-headed,” Iwobi said in a video posted on Everton’s YouTube channel.

“Don’t go to high, don’t go too low, have a balance. Being a fan favourite…I’m not too sure, there’s a lot of fan favourites at the club! But it does give me that confidence going unto the pitch.

“You almost feel unstoppable, almost like you can do anything on the pitch. Obviously the place I’m in right now, I like to play forward and create chances- even if the chances don’t come off the fans will still acknowledge that you are trying.”

Iwobi added : “It’s a nice place to be in, every player wants the confidence to feel like they’re unbeatable and there’s nothing wrong they can do. I feel like it’s the best time and my most confident time at Everton, but I’ve got a long time to go- I’ve still got two years, if anything happens from then.

“I feel like I’m part of the Everton family. I’ve not got the Scouse accent yet, which I’ll never get! But I feel like I’m one of them.

“It’ll be weird if I ever come to an end of Everton, but I feel like I’ll always be a part of it one way or another so it’s nice to be here.”

Iwobi has recorded one assist in six Premier League games this season.