SAFA COO makes recommendations on how women’s football can be promoted in Ghana

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the South Africa Football Association (SAFA), Lydia Monyepao has urged the clubs in the Ghana Women’s Premier League to ride on the back of the clean style of play to promote and secure sponsorships.

Speaking at the fourth in a series of mentorship seminars for women’s club managers and administrators in Accra, organized by Betway Ghana in fulfillment of its roles as the official development partner of the Ghana Women’s Premier League, she said women’s clubs should not try to compete with the men.

She stressed that women’s football is different and must take a different approach if owners of clubs want it to grow.

“We need to stop competing with men’s football. Women’s football is a different product compared to men’s football. You’ll see that they are two different products.

“Some of the people who watch women’s football also watch men’s football, but specifically [they] prefer to watch women’s football for a reason – because of the nature of play,” Ms Monyepao said.

She continued, “Start with the people that are really attracted to women’s football voluntarily. Then you build on that to get to their families, and everyone around them to come to watch the games.”



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