UCL: We Need To Be Ready To Deal With Rangers- Spalletti

Napoli manager Luciano Spalletti has urged his players to prepare to deal with the tough atmosphere against Rangers ahead of today’s UEFA Champions League.

Napoli defeated Liverpool 4-1 in their opening game while Rangers lost 4-0 to Ajax.

Spallettigave a pre-match press conference ahead of Napoli’s clash with Rangers in Glasgow.

He said; “We need to be ready to deal with playing in a tough atmosphere against a historic club.” 

“We’d like to share our condolences with the entire nation for the pain it is suffering.

“We’re aware that on the pitch tomorrow Rangers will channel all of their pride into the match.

“We’ll need to settle into the Scottish atmosphere quickly tomorrow.

“We’re aware that Rangers are an iconic club.”

On the kind of game he would deploy against the host, Spalletti said; “When Rangers play at home they have extra power and motivation thanks to the Ibrox crowd.

“I think they’ll be keen to bounce back and put on a good show in front of a packed-out stadium.

“We’ve played in tough atmospheres before in which the fans can put pressure on you, including in Italy, but we’ve frequently been able to bring out qualities to the forefront and make the match pan out in a way that suits us.”

“The way to make the match work in our favour is to keep the ball and dictate the pace of the game.

“We’ll need to deal with being under the cosh.

“If we are to compete then we’ll need to bear in mind how Rangers will want the game to go and try and counter that.

“These kinds of matches are the ones you’re desperate to be a part of, and the happiness of taking part in such an occasion should outweigh any nerves.

“While our fans won’t be in the stadium I’m convinced that we’ll feel them in spirit, their presence and strength driving us on.”

Napoli travelled to Scotland without Victor Osimhen who was instrumental in the victory against Liverpool before he was substituted.