Delta Queens Coach Task Players Ahead FA Cup Game

Tosan Blankson, the head coach of the Delta Queens, has challenged his team to enter the new FA Cup campaign with a stronger winning mentality in order to outperform last year’s performance.

Prior to their maiden game in the FA Cup this season, the Pearls Technical bench leader gave the order during a quick warm-up at the Kwara State Stadium, Ilorin.

He advised the players to focus, keep their thoughts in a steady state, and take each match as it comes.

“This is the time to start well and in starting well, we have to concentrate and make winning a culture.”

“Football is a team game and we must come out as a team, knowing that there are no minors in any competition”

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Delta Queens of the Delta will play Castmog FC at the Kwara Township Stadium in Ilorin.

After losing to Bayelsa Queens in the Quarterfinals of the previous edition, four-time FA Champions Delta Queens FC were eliminated.