Did you know That! For Unexpected reason Maradona refused to meet Putin

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona’s lawyer, Argentine Matthias Morla, recounted a number of funny situations of the Argentine star, in an interview with the Argentine TV show “We Can Talk.”

Morla spoke on the TV show about a number of funny situations and stories from the life of the Argentine star.

One such story that interested Morla was when a call came from the Kremlin to meet with the Russian president the next day at 9:30 a.m.

“So this point is clear, until Maradona’s response, who broke protocol norms, surprised him by saying, “I’m not going to wear a suit in the morning, I’m not going,” Morla continued.

He added that he asked me to go to meet those who sent for the interview to tell them that Maradona does not wear the suit in the morning, for someone to answer me are you serious? This is Putin.”

Putin and Maradona eventually met another day and in the evening.

Morla continued: “Often Maradona praised the Russian president in front of everyone, but the Argentine star considers the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, to be his favorite president.

Morla added that when Maradona was in the Vatican, he left the building before meeting Pope Francis, because of the latter’s preoccupation, and to arrange another meeting to meet with him, and Francis described Maradona’s visit as the most important Argentine who came to the Vatican.