Exciting stories from Maradona’s life

Argentine Legend Diego Armando Maradona left nothing in life, except that he had an imprint in it, until things reached him to emerge with strange stories that no other player did.

Maradona’s life was filled with bizarre and exciting stories before he died at the age of 60.

Maradona met himself on TV

In 2005 Maradona interviewed himself on television, asking himself questions as both the presenter and the guest.

“If you had to say a few words to Maradona in the grave what would you say?” Maradona asked himself about the thing. “Thank you for playing football, the sport that gave me maximum joy and freedom, is like touching the sky with your hands, I will write on my grave too: Thank you for the ball,” he replies.

Maradona ascended into the sky and met the aliens!

Maradona sparked controversy in 2019 during an interview with TaiyC, when he revealed his ascent to the sky and his interview with the aliens who kidnapped him.

“I was drunk one day and after drinking a little alcohol, I was missing for three days, after I got home, I said that space objects kidnapped me, they took me out of the ground with them, and I can’t tell you any more,” Diego said in that interview.

Funny interview when he was in the Mexican league

Maradona took charge of Mexico’s Dorados de Sinaloa years ago and was in an embarrassing position in a television interview following the loss from Juárez.

Journalist Maradona asked, “As long as you’re in Mexico, you’ve studied Serie A well, and you already know him, so how do you see the Premier League level?”

Maradona could not answer this question, and remained silent and hesitated to look for an answer.

Diego is a drug addict

The late player started with cocaine addiction when he was a Barcelona player in 1982, and over time the problem has increased, as he suffered a heart attack in 2000 due to an overdose.

Maradona suffered several health setbacks due to drug use, which influenced his football career, as he was banned from participating in the 1994 World Cup due to his failure to test steroids.

Saint Maradona

The fans of Naples reached the limit of their many love for Maradona by calling him “San Gennamarmando”, which is taken from the words “Armando” and the favorite saint of Naples “Gennaro”.

Maradona played for Napoli in the 1980s and was crowned Serie A, Coppa Italia, Super Serie A and UEFA Cup.