Football Disastrous Events : Lightning Death on the Field

Lightning Death on the Field – Penny Chadian Match Disaster: Basania (October 28, 1998)

In one of the matches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo season 1998-99 at the stadium of the Congolese province of Kasai on October 28, 1998, while the match was a result of 1-1, all the players of the Chadian Pina team died from a lightning shock that claimed all their lives on the pitch, while the Congolese newspaper Lavenir from the capital Kinshasa

On the other hand, none of the Pasania players were harmed and did not even get injured! Although the incident has been confirmed, the Congolese government has not issued any official statement on the matter, due to its preoccupation with a civil war in the east of the country between the government represented by President Laurent Kabila and Rwandan-backed opposition forces.

Although not many details have been revealed about the incident, whether through the media or police investigations, some unofficial bodies within the country assumed that the incident was orchestrated by one of the witches using black magic!! This is because many clubs in the countries of Central and West Africa are renting witches in order to do black business on their competitors, which is justified by some there are many natural disasters in that country !!!!