Story : Players who fought poverty in their miserable childhood

Stories of players who have gone from poverty to wealth through constant struggle, perseverance and playing football even in the darkest circumstances. They are stories that are not only read, but also examples of what dreamers have to do to achieve what they wish for.

1- Luka Modric

Baby Luca grew up in the arms of the Croatian War of Independence.

In 1991 Luca was only five years old, when the war ravaged thousands of Croats killed his father and the orphan boy spent many months in refugee camps surrounded by the sounds of shells and grenades.

Despite the bleak conditions, Luka continued to play football inside the camps and tried to join the Haidok Split junior team, but he was rejected, which did not frustrate Luka Modric’s persistent determination, he did not care about the rejection and continued his dream until Modric, which we see today became one of the best midfielders in the world for Real Madrid.

2- Yaya Touré

Growing up in the poorest Ivorian region, Yahya Touré spent a very difficult childhood and 33-year-old Toure spoke of his childhood saying: “I was so poor that I couldn’t buy shoes.”

Yaya dreamed of becoming a footballer who did not leave him for a moment, trained alone under a coach seasoned Cote de Voire, and Yaya tried several attempts to join a club until he succeeded in joining the ASIC Mimosa team and then made his way to Europe and now plays for one of the largest English clubs Manchester City.

3- Alexis Sanchez

The Chilean striker who led his country to win the last two editions of the Copa America 2015, 2016 has an inspiring determination story behind his talent.

Alexis grew up without a father where the father abandoned the family at the birth of Alexis, and the mother (Martina) became the only breadwinner of the family and in order to provide for her children she worked as a cleaner in a school that Alexis later joined to study, and because he was a very austere child because of his poverty and introverted himself

Alexis started playing football on the street because he didn’t have enough money to train under a professional coach.

Despite his presence in the ranks of the Arsenal England team and his great success with his country, Sanchez does not like to appear in the spotlight and is not much at press conferences and rarely goes to bars tonight or amusement parks, as if he is still under the influence of the title (Nino Marfila).

4- Angel Di Maria

Angel raised the child in a very poor family in a slum in Argentina, and his father was a coal miner.

Angel’s difficult childhood didn’t stop him from playing football from a young age and because he was an overactive child he didn’t commit to going to school, until it seemed to his parents that academic study didn’t suit him.

The Argentine winger overcame the obstacles it faced throughout his life until he reached what it is now. One of the most important pillars of the French Paris Saint-Germain team.

5- Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan may seem arrogant and arrogant but the fact that no one can deny is that it is the hell of football for defenders.

Little Zlatan grew up in his early age among parents who were always fighting and his father was an alcoholic and as a natural result of the ongoing quarrel divorced between his parents at the age of only two years.

Zlatan’s childhood was greatly affected by his parents’ separation and had a hard time but learned to overcome the difficulties of his life and was a brave child.

Ibra was able to achieve himself by hard work and persevering in difficulties, once saying: “Everyone who used to talk to me like trash, today I see them having wet their tongues.”