Anfield Road target date & most popular shirt revealed – Latest LFC News

OK, it has been a slow news day but this may trigger some amusement; Alexis Mac Allister has been subject to some light teasing from his teammates.

Speaking to La Nacion, the Argentine said: Many of my teammates tease me because they say that [Klopp] is my dad now. The relationship with him is perfect.

Mac Allister was the only one of Liverpools South American outfield players to start vs. Wolves.

The midfielder added: Then they told me that he is my dad, that he cant take me out, that I had played all the games and so they drove me crazy.

But, beyond the joke, he is a person that I respect very much and I hope that he continues like this and that I can continue learning from him on the pitch.

He might not be Mac Allisters dad, but the Argentine will definitely be on the end of some big bear hugs from Klopp this season!