From 1892 to 2023 – 26 incredible Liverpool FC squad photos

Theres something unique and satisfying about vintage photographs, a snapshot in time preserved for future generations.

For football clubs, squad photos offer the perfect opportunity to enshrine a moment into history.

As youll see from the images below, there is some room for artistic direction.

Youll also find theres an apparent time for when arms crossed transitioned to hands behind the back or on the knees, a pose well all remember from our school days.

From Tom Watson, Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley, to Billy Liddell, Ron Yeats, Steven Gerrard and Virgil van Dijk, these squad photos over the decades are simply incredible to look at

Back row (directors) l-r: John Dermott, Benjamin Bailey, Sidney Cooper, Thomas C Howarth, Alexander Nisbet, H Cooper, C Gibson, HP Ellis, L Crosthwaite.

Middle row (players): John McCartney, Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah, Billy McOwen, Duncan McLean, Douglas Dick, David Henderson, trainer F Whiteway.

Front row: Gordon, McVean, McQue, McBride, John McKenna, John Houlding (president), J Ramsay, Bradshaw, Stott, McQueen.

Back row: Ottey, Glover, McGuigan, Foster, John. Hunter, T. Hunter, Howell.

Middle row: Soulsby, Wilson, Raybould, Robertson, Perkins, Goldie, Parry, J Chapman (Trainer).

Front row: Walker, Morris, Raisbeck, Cox, Dunlop

Back row: W. Connell (Trainer), Parry, Murray, Platt, Doig, Dunlop, Wilson, C. Evans.

Middle row: Fleming, Lathom, Raisbeck, Hughes, Chorlton, Cox, Watson (Manager).

Front row: Carlin, Raybould, Parkinson.

On the ground: Goddard, Robinson, Morris, Hewitt, Garside

Back row: W. Connell (Trainer), Hewitt, Wilson, Hardy, Parry, Doig, Dunlop, Hardy.

Middle row: Robinson, Gorman, Murray, Hughes, Raisbeck, Cox, Fleming, Raybould, West

On the ground: Goddard, Latham, Carlin

Back row: Hardy, Griffiths, Parry, Blanthorne, Wilson, Saul, Bradley.

Middle row: W. Connell (Trainer), Raybould, Raisbeck, Hewitt, Hughes, Gorman, Robinson, Dunlop, ?, Doig.

Front row: Lathom, Chorlton, Carlin, Parkinson.

Back row: Goddard, Grantham, Bradley, Hewitt, E. Hughes, Lathom, Harrop.

Middle row: W. Connell (Trainer), Hardy, Robinson, Saul, Parry, Sloan, Parkinson, Rogers, Fleming (Trainer).

Front row: Allman, F. Smith, Griffin, Dunlop, Raisbeck, Goode, Hughes, Orr, West.

On the ground: Chorlton, Peake, Bowyer.

Back row: Speakman, ?, Pursell, Peake, Miller, Crawford, Ferguson

Middle row: George Patterson (Manager), Lowe, MacKinlay, J. Scott, E. Scott, Campbell, Longworth, Wadsworth, ?, W. Connell (Trainer).

Front row: Fairfoul, Goddard, Metcalf, Parkinson, Gracie, Stewart, Lacey, Bovill

On the ground: ?, ?, Dawson

Back row: Johnson, Miller, Cunningham, Penman, McKinney, Lacey.

Middle row: W. Connell (Trainer), Forshaw, Chambers, Scott, McNaughton, McNab, Matthews, George Patterson (Secretary).

Front row: David Ashworth (Manager), Sheldon, Bamber, Lucas, Longworth, MacKinlay, Bromilow, Pearson.

On the ground: Jones, Jenkinson, Lewis, Wadsworth.

Back row: Lawson, Rogers, Pratt, Chambers, Longworth.

Second row: Joe Hewitt (Trainer), Gilhespy, McDevitt, Shears, Scott, ?, Shone, Walsh, W. Connell (Trainer).

Third row: Patterson (Secretary), Chalmers, Findlay, Keetley, T. Malone, Cockburn, Johnson, Wadsworth, Forshaw, McQueen (Manager).

Front row: Brown, Parry, Rawlings, McKinlay, Hopkin, McNab, Lucas, Bromilow.

*Image courtesy of the Bromilow family

Back row: Board member, Fred Hopkin, Whitehurst, Hodgson, Wilson (Trainer), Scott, McDougall, Millar, board member.

Front row: Davidson, Edmed, Jackson, MacKinlay, Morrison

Back row: Done, Bromilow, ?, ?, Scott, Norman Leslie James, McDougall.

Second row: ?, Lucas, Murray, ?, Barton, ?, Gardner, Thompson, ?.

Third row: Wilson (Trainer), ?, Scott, Riley, Aitken, ?, Hewitt (Trainer), Longworth (Trainer).

Front row: Edmed, Hodgson, ?, Jackson, ?, Hopkin, Morrison.

Back row: Hodgson, Morrison, Steel, Scott, Riley, McPherson, Wright, Gunson.

Front row: Patterson (Secretary/Manager), Barton, Jackson, Bradshaw, McDougal, Crawford, Wilson (Trainer).

Back row: Molyneux, Wheeler, Younger, Hughes, Moran, Campbell.

Front row: Jackson, Rowley, Liddell, Evans, ACourt.

Back row: Milne, Byrne, Lawrence, Moran, Stevenson, Paisley

Front row: Bennett (Trainer), Callaghan, Hunt, St John, T.V. Williams (Chairman), Yeats, Arrowsmith, Thompson, Shankly (Manager)

Back row: Milne, Byrne, Lawrence, Yeats, Lawler, Stevenson.

Front row: Callaghan, Hunt, St John, Smith, Thompson.

Back row: Thompson, Lindsay, Clemence, Lawrence, Lawler, Ross.

Middle row: Evans, Mclaughlin, Lloyd, Toshack, Heighway, Boersma, Hall.

Front row: Graham, Hughes, Yeats, Shankly (Manager), Smith, Callaghan, Paisley

Back row: Toshack, Clemence, Lane, Lindsay, Keegan.

Middle row: Lawler, Heighway, Boersma, Lloyd, Thompson, Storton, Cormack.

Front row: Callaghan, Hughes, Shankly (Manager), Smith, Hall.

Back row: Lawler, Boersma, Lloyd, Clemence, Lane, Toshack, Kennedy, Thompson.

Front row: Hall, Lindsay, Callaghan, Smith, Shankly (Manager), Hughes, Heighway, Cormack, Keegan.

Back row: Jones, Thompson, Clemence, Hansen, Toshack.

Middle row: Fagan, Lindsay, Fairclough, Kennedy, Johnson, Neal, Moran.

Front row: Case, Callaghan, Smith, Paisley (Manager), Hughes, Heighway, McDermott.

Back row: McDonough (technical analyst), Carter (kit manager), Valero (goalkeeping coach), Leto, Agger, Itandje, Reina, Martin, Arbeloa, Babel, Price (senior physiotherapist), Salinas (Physiotherapist).

Middle row: Vales (reserve coach), Waller (doctor), Morgan (physio), Aurelio, Leiva, Kuyt, Torres, Voronin, Mascherano, Benayoun, Miller (First team coach), Waller (masseur), De Miguel (fitness coach).

Front row: Kewell, Pennant, Finnan, Alonso, Gerrard, Benitez (Manager), Carragher, Hyypia, Sissoko, Riise, Crouch.

Back row: Achterberg (goalkeeping coach), Gravenberch, Quansah, Konate, Kelleher, Alisson, Adrian, Matip, Gakpo, Gomez, Taffarel (goalkeeping coach).

Middle row: Power (doctor), Robinson (assistant goalkeeping coach), Krawietz (assistant manager), Mac Allister, Endo, Bradley, Bajcetic, Szoboszlai, Jones, Doak, Lijnders (assistant manager), Matos (elite development coach).

Front row: Elliott, Tsimikas, Nunez, Salah, Van Dijk, Klopp (Manager), Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, Diaz, Jota, Thiago.

Incredible, right?