News From Liverpool: Belief, perspective and Guardiola – 4 key things from Klopp’s pre-Villa press conference

Here are four key points from the manager as he looked ahead to the trip to Villa Park:

Theres hope from Klopp that Roberto Firminos absence will come to an end after six games, and wed be happy to see him back!

Bobby trained before the last game, for two days, but we dont train a lot so he always has to do more thats what hes still doing, Klopp said.

The decision for tomorrow is he gets closer and closer, hopefully, he can be involved.

Another option up top never hurts!

When Pep Guardiola suggests everyone in this country supports Liverpool, its not going to stay on the down-low and Klopp was quick to laugh off the City boss rant.

I live in Liverpool so a lot of people here want us to win the league, thats true, but even here its probably only 50 percent other people are involved in another fight, Klopp said.

Look, as a manager, and I had this experience recently, after a game we are obviously, how can I say it, we are massively influenced by the game and the situation.

I have no idea if the whole country is supporting us, I dont know that, its not the feeling I get, actually, when we go to other places and play there, its actually the opposite.

But maybe he knows more about that than me.

It was a frustrating weekend of results where Liverpool were concerned as Man City capitalise on the Anfield misstep to move three points clear at the top of the table.

But with three games remaining in the season there is still every chance for another twist and turn to come into play, so why should the Reds stop believing.

Its clear that it is not over. We both have three games left to play, Klopp said. My concern is how to win our games, not about Manchester City.

As long as it is reachable, why should we stop believing?

Youre right there, Jurgen!

It was a pretty clear and simple message from Klopp about Liverpools choice of perception heading into Tuesdays game and its vitally important that its the right one:

As human beings, its really cool, we can decide by ourselves how we see it.

There are some facts but we are allowed to ignore them and then I try to help the boys see it like me and invite everybody else as well.

Lets just assume we won the last game and they lost and now we go to Aston Villa.

That doesnt make the Aston Villa game a little bit easier, not at all, it just gives you a nicer perspective and thats what I think is important as well.

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