News From Liverpool: Insane Reds, cup dreams & UEFA talks – 4 key things from Klopp’s pre-FA Cup final press conference

Here are four key things from the manager ahead of the final at Wembley:

There was always a fear that the Champions League final may come too soon for Fabinho but Klopp confirmed he will definitely be back in time!

He will definitely be back for the Champions League final, Klopp told reporters on Friday.

And [about returning] before, we will see. We dont know, thats it.

[He is] absolutely OK, Fab is a professional, he continued.

He was obviously not happy about it, thats clear, but he took it and is already taking on the fight against time. Thats how it is.

This is the kind of news we love to hear!

This season has been something else entirely, with Klopps side delivering one moment to cherish after another.

And while its up to Liverpool to put the icing on the cake, its the job of the supporters to enjoy the ride irrespective of where and how it ends.

We have to produce the icing on the cake, but if you cant enjoy it then I cant help you, Klopp said.

In a season like this, [my team] delivering the consistency theyve delivered is insane.

Im really happy that the people can be part of this journey. They are the main reason for this journey.

Its the first FA Cup final for Liverpool under Klopp and the manager was eager to stress its never been for a lack of desire, more that limited manpower dictated priorities were elsewhere at the start.

We always gave our all to make it to the final, we just didnt make it for different reasons, Klopp said of the cup final

What is clear when you start a journey, what we did six or seven years ago, you cannot have it all. We didnt have the squad for going for it all, we had to make changes.

Everyone makes changes during a FA Cup and Carabao Cup campaign, thats how it is. Some teams when they make changes you dont realise and think, they made changes and its still a great team.

It was never that we didnt want to go to the final, not at all, we just didnt have the manpower to do it.

A continual increase on the games players have to play, fans losing out on tickets and paying extortionate prices pick your poison when it comes to UEFA and footballs governing bodies.

For Klopp, his opinions have long been made clear and long been brushed over.

More games is always a bad idea, to be honest. Always a bad idea, Klopp said when asked about the new Champions League format.

I spoke quite frequently about that and obviously nobody is interested! Thats OK.

The reason why Im not in such a good mood when I speak about UEFA and stuff like this is because of the Nations League.

I still think thats one of the most ridiculous ideas in the world of football, because now we finish a season where players played more than 70 games easily.

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