News From Liverpool: Jordan Henderson all but confirms Divock Origi farewell – ‘Give send-off he deserves’

There is no denying Origis legendary status at Liverpool, his collection of vital goals has made a lasting contribution that will stand the test of time.

He mightnt have been a regular starter under Jurgen Klopp but his goals against Barcelona, Everton, Newcastle and Tottenham, to name but a few, are forever etched in club folklore.

The 27-year-old first signed for Liverpool in 2014 and has since gone on to make 175 appearances since his first, under Brendan Rodgers, in 2015.

But with a new contract extension not forthcoming, Origi is expected to sign for AC Milan as a free agent having reportedly agreed to personal terms with the Serie A side.

And ahead of the final league game against Wolves on Sunday, Henderson has all but confirmed Origis departure from the club in his matchday programme notes as he looks for a worthy send-off for the cult hero:

It looks like today will be Divocks last at Anfield for Liverpool so I hope he gets the kind of send-off he deserves.

Actually I know that he will because he has been such a special player for us, but he is also an incredible person who has taken this city and its people to his heart.

His legacy will be his achievements for this club, but it will also be the good causes he has supported, like the local students he is helping to put through university.

Today should be a celebration no matter what happens and as club captain I will certainly be celebrating Divock and wishing him all the best for the future. The big fella deserves nothing less.

There is no doubt that Origi will be serenaded and celebrated by Anfield, his contribution demands nothing less, as lets not forgetFootball without Origi is nothing.

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