News From Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp: Missing the title “increases the desire” to win the Champions League

The Reds had their hopes raised on Sunday as Man City went 2-0 down at home to Aston Villa, only to roar back to a 3-2 victory and clinch the title.

Liverpool were making it hard for themselves, too, spending much of their clash with Wolves held at 1-1, but Mohamed Salah and Andy Robertson at least sealed a winning end to the campaign.

Nevertheless, it is a bitter blow for all involved, having lost only twice in 38 games and finishing a point behind the champions.

But speaking in his post-match press conference at Anfield, Klopp insisted that it would only increase the desire to triumph over Real Madrid in next weekends Champions League final.

This season is absolutely incredible and it wont end today, it ends next week obviously, he told reporters.

We will try absolutely everything.

Its never, ever happened before that we are completely without knocks going into a final.

We have knocks, obviously. Div is definitely out for the final. In the last second of the session yesterday he had a muscle injury, so the five days will not be enough for him.

Apart from that I think they all have a chance and hopefully Thiago as well and then we will prepare.

This season is incredible, absolutely incredible. Its tough, you saw it today, and the early goal didnt help.

In the end, who cares? When you score the goal and win the game thats it.

But no, we have now five days to prepare for the final and thats what well do. Then we will face an incredibly experienced team. But its OK.

Of course, losing the league today increases the desire to put it right next week.

Throughout Sundays game, the atmosphere in Anfield ebbed as the supporters learned of the result 35 miles away, and at one point it was even claimed that Villa had equalised at 3-3.

It was a ridiculous situation, but either way, Klopp took the disappointment and issued praise to the champions.

There are worse scenarios, maybe if we would have been a point up and didnt make it, it might feel worse, he added.

Apart from that, its not cool. But its not completely unexpected, obviously.

It was clear before the game that a lot of things had to happen.

Congratulations to Man City, Pep Guardiola, all staff, all players, the whole club, for being champions.

We were close but, in the end, not close enough. Thats how it is.

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