News From Liverpool: Pep Guardiola uses Liverpool’s Istanbul miracle for title “punch” reminder

Liverpool have made sure that they and Man City are not in the throes of another title race this season, the Reds consistently poor showings limiting them to tentative top-four discussions.

Guardiolas side, meanwhile, have stumbled eight times in 2022/23 and find themselves two points behind leaders Arsenal, who have played a game less.

It is, of course, the Reds luck that City have faltered in this of all seasons.

But why the mention of Liverpools miracle of Istanbul? For the City manager, it is a reminder that success is not predetermined, with the Reds having toppled the most experienced lineup.

I would like to say yes [it can help us] but I dont know, Guardiola said of Citys title know-how can help them this season. Every season is completely different.

I always give an important example to my players about this kind of thing from the Champions League from years ago, when Milan played Liverpool and Liverpool made a big comeback under Rafa Benitez.

Milan were 3-0 at half-time and had the most experienced line-up Ive ever seen with Maldini, Cafu, Gattuso, [manager] Carlo Ancelotti and they lost.

From my little experience when you think that everything is under control and I know exactly what is going to happen, football can come and punch you in the face and you get a new reality.

This is the truth.

Arsenal are in search of their first Premier League title since 2004, while City are on the hunt for three in a row the only role Liverpool can play is in their respective meetings at the start of April.

But it will be much less about the implications on either of the clubs and instead ensuring there is Champions League football still to fight for not something youd have thought youd be saying only one year ago.