News From Liverpool: Steven Gerrard tells officials to look at Jon Moss display – and Liverpool fans agree

Villa shocked Liverpool early on Tuesday night, with Douglas Luiz firing in after just three minutes, only to be pegged back by Joel Matips goal soon after.

Sadio Mane then headed home the winner in the second half, in a game frequently broken up by minor fouls 10 of which were awarded to Liverpool and 12 to Villa.

Moss was referee for the night, and was central to a number of confusing decisions, including a moment where he initially looked to call a foul for Villa before allowing play to go on and then eventually pulling it back.

Liverpool could feel most aggrieved, given a clear offside was not flagged in the buildup to Luizs opener, but after the game it was Gerrard who questioned Moss display.

No comment, I just hope that its looked at. Thats all Ill say, I just hope its looked at. Hope, I hope its looked at, he told reporters.

? “He’s retiring at the end of the season.”

Gerrard ? “Is he? Good.”

Steven Gerrard on referee Jon Moss, Brutal. ?

Football Daily (@footballdaily) May 11, 2022

You just asked me a question so you obviously think it, dont you? Ive answered your question, I just hope Jons performance is looked at.

I dont want to get into trouble, I dont want to be sour. Weve lost the game, Liverpool have scored two goals against us, we need to look at that.

I dont want to try and cover over any cracks, but you asked me a question and I said I hope the referees performance is looked at.

When informed that Moss had decided to retire at the end of the season, Gerrard replied: Is he? Good.

Normally, when one manager is critical of a referee post-match it is a view not shared by the opposition but that was not the case this time.

Jon Moss doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, does he?

Sam McGuire (@SamMcGuire90) May 10, 2022

Jon Moss would be off the pace officiating a game of bowls here

Henry Jackson (@HenryJackson87) May 10, 2022

Im a liverpool fan and even Im relieved Jon Moss is retiring at the end of the season after watching that half

Ben Kelly (@bkelly776) May 10, 2022

Jon Moss is a genuine disgrace. There will be more injuries in this match because hes got precisely no control over it. Both sets of players & fans will feel aggrieved, not because hes favouring one side or the other but because he is uniformly dreadful.

And Could He Play (@andcouldheplay7) May 10, 2022

Can tell Jon Moss is retiring at the end of the season he refereed that game like he was pissed.

Biggies Malls 2.0 (@Biggies_MaIIs) May 10, 2022

Why was Jon Moss ever allowed to referee in the Premier League again after he got caught by the pitch side microphones saying he was giving a penalty despite having no clue what happened when we played Spurs in 17/18

LFCJ (@Ifcj__) May 10, 2022

We can all be biased towards our own team, but I thought Jon Moss was much kinder to Liverpool than Villa last night.

He made errors against us, too, but I’d have been seething about his performance if I was a Villa fan. He was shocking.

Right time to retire.

Henry Jackson (@HenryJackson87) May 11, 2022

Jon Moss has been remarkably bad here. Proper end of season, flip-flops on stuff.

James Pearce (@JamesPearceLFC) May 10, 2022

Jon Moss looking away from the action so he doesn’t see Trent shove Coutinho might be my favourite bit of refereeing so far in this absolute shitshow at Villa Park.

Muhammad Butt (@muhammadbutt) May 10, 2022

Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 1 at HT. Referee Jon Moss is smiling as he goes off. The Villa fans are not smiling.

Phil McNulty (@philmcnulty) May 10, 2022

Jon Moss struggling here. #avfc

Ashley Preece (@PreeceObserver) May 10, 2022

One of Jon Moss’ last games as a referee and not one of his best. #AVLLIV

Henry Winter (@henrywinter) May 10, 2022

Gerrard will almost certainly be rebuked for his comments, as Frank Lampard was following his criticism of Stuart Attwell following Evertons 2-0 loss at Anfield in April.

But there should be a measure of accountability for officials when their standards slip as they did on Tuesday night, with Moss appearing to struggle to keep up with the intensity of the game.

The 51-year-old is, of course, due to retire at the end of the season, so it is unlikely that the situation will affect his position between now and then.

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