No handball & “not good enough” – 5 key things from Klopp’s post-Toulouse press conference

Here are five key points from the managers post-match press conference

Not good enough and a point wouldnt have changed that

There was no dressing up Liverpools performance by Klopp. The Reds scarcely looked like scoring against Toulouse, who lie one point above the relegation zone in Ligue 1.

The manager said the defending was just not good enough and that Jarell Quansahs goal standing would have felt better in the table but wouldnt have made the game better.

So what went wrong?

Klopp had a few initial views on where Liverpool were lacking. He commented: Its well deserved to lose because they won pretty much all the decisive challenges, battles.

We had too many situations where we should have won the ball [but] we didnt.

On top of that we gave the ball easy away at least twice, one is a goal, the other one Im not sure if its a disallowed goal.

Counter-attack third goal, last line too deep

Why Klopp isnt concerned about his teams sharpness

Despite the draw vs. Luton and loss in France, Klopp insisted hes not concerned about his team.

However, the boss did add: Im actually a bit more concerned about that I would have loved us to play better together, thats my main issue tonight. In a football way, more aggressive.

Im not concerned, in the end we were intense. The problem is in a football game you have to do the decisive things in the right moment and because we cannot, we concede the goals we concede.

The handball decision was interesting

Thats one way to put it. The manager reacted to the late disallowed goal, saying: I saw now only the video back and for me, its not a handball, but how can I decide that?

Its pretty long ago before we scored the goal. To be honest, I thought eh, wheres the free-kick?

Thats interesting.

Finally, a word on the setting

The Stadium de Toulouse was bouncing on Thursday evening, but there clearly hadnt been enough thought put into the press conferences location.

Klopp and the reporters could barely hear each other talk, prompting the German to ask: Who had the idea to do the press conference here?

That would be really a interesting question, wow.

This was because UEFAs organisation saw the press conference take place in a tent across the road.

Therefore, Klopp and the journalists had to fight through crowds to get there, all for the press conference to be almost inaudible to those in the room.

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