‘Virgil’s not happy’! – Trent on celebrations and why he thought “get on my belly”!

What a moment it was for Alexander-Arnold as he channelled his inner Steven Gerrard and pushed Liverpool on to three points in front of the Kop.

This invoked wild celebrations, with the No. 66 belly sliding towards the corner flag as fans surged towards him.

Behind him flew the players on their knees, including Van Dijk who Alexander-Arnold joked after the game wasnt happy with him.

Speaking to LFC TV, the match-winner was asked: The captains not happy with you, though, is he?

The vice-captain replied: Nah, see thats thats why I didnt knee slide, hes got cuts on his knees now!

For someone like him whos very calm and composed, to be knee sliding when hes not even the one that scored showed just how much it meant to the team to get that three points. It was massively important.

In a video that has gone viral, you can see the team knee sliding, following Alexander-Arnold almost in synchronisation as they celebrate the winner.

Seeing this in front of me is so unreal pic.twitter.com/MXjRcFe8eV

??? (@BookBukkuBuch) December 3, 2023

Explaining why he opted for a belly slide, though, the 25-year-old said: Ive got a big cut on me knee so I didnt want to risk reopening that with a knee slide even though I was dying to do it.

When Im running at that speed I thought I need to do something, I cant just keep running, so I thought just get on my belly, its the safest thing to do.

While Alexander-Arnold can certainly claim the winner, unfortunately his first of the game will go down as an own goal.

His stunning free-kick looked at first to be one of his greatest yet, but replays showed the ball actually bounced back off the back of David Raya and into the net.

Football is about moments, though, and this game was certainly full of them.