Why Mikel Artetas subjective complaints are completely wrong

The Gunners suffered their first defeat of the season at St. James Park in what was yet another 5.30pm kickoff for Newcastle.

Anthony Gordon scored the games only goal shortly after the hour mark, following a four-minute VAR check, for three separate incidents, which deemed it a legitimate opener.

Arteta displayed hypocrisy with his post-match comments after labelling the officiating a disgrace.

This despite providing a more relaxed response of mistakes happen when asked about the unprecedented error that led to Luis Diazs goal against Tottenham being chalked off five weeks earlier.

Speaking on the latest episode of This Is Anfields Live at 5 show with The Late Challenge Podcast, Paul Cope and Gareth Roberts dissected the Arsenal boss comments and the somewhat odd statement that the Gunners put out in the aftermath.

I dont want to go into the decision itself, its more the reaction to it from [Arteta] and then Arsenal as the club, Roberts said on the incident.

Where were you after the Spurs match? Because it would have carried much more weight if Arteta had come out in behind Liverpool then and said theyre right.

The tribal nature of football often leads managers to show little sympathy for errors unless it impacts their club directly, as was also demonstrated by recent comments from Vincent Kompany among others.

The tone of Arsenals statement mirrored that of Liverpools following the Tottenham debacle, but Cope points out that the two errors arent remotely on the same level.

What happened in our game against Spurs was unprecedented, it wasnt a debatable refereeing decision, it wasnt subjective, he replied.

This is what we have to accept about football, most of it is subjective.

Comparisons cant be drawn between the Diaz mistake a communication error that has never been seen before in the Premier League and other instances that have been complained about in recent weeks.

Liverpools statement was intended to drive change and improvements to the officiating and use of technology in this country, but unfortunately, Arteta and others werent willing to get on board when the opportunity presented itself.

Cope continued: What we said was why doesnt everyone come behind us so we can sort this s**t out?.

Instead of that, [Arteta] has waited until there are subjective things that he disagrees with to make this strong statement.

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