Why Mo Salah is still underrated despite “evolving & getting better”

This was the topic of discussion this week on This Is Anfields podcast with The Late Challenge.

Gareth Roberts and Paul Cope debated the Egyptians legacy and asked why some football supporters, may still undervalue Salahs ability.

After using NMEs Godlike Genius award to describe Salah, Roberts said: Someone I know sent me a comment theyd seen online from a Red, who said: You cant be putting him in the same category as someone like Ian Rush.

Why not?

Cope had a similar viewpoint, adding: They say things like: His touch isnt as good as it could be; his finishing isnt as good as it could be; he hasnt scored as many goals as Ian Rush; hes scoring less than he used to; hes godlike but hes not as godlike as a bigger god we used to have.

These are all nonsense points!

With a better games per goal ratio, than Ian Rush, 1.64 matches to 1.91, the Reds No. 11 is the fifth highest goalscorer in the history of the club.

In fact, Cope thinks Salah is still improving and said: He still scores goals every season and now hes evolving his game.

Hes getting better, hes evolved his game. Now, hes setting up loads of goals, I think he might be our most creative player.

Cope added: Its like weve just been spoiled so much (with great forwards) that I think people just go now: Yeah, therell just be another one. Just go and find another him.

And youre like: Wow.

Roberts then chimed in, saying: Maybe you should think back to [Mario] Balotelli, [Ricky] Lambert, these type of lads that we had coming in.

The match-going Red added another reason to hold Salah to in such high esteem.

One of the things about Billy Liddell was that [Bill] Shankly said: He was made out of granite, explained Roberts.

He never missed games, was hard in games as well.

The least Salah has played in a single campaign for Liverpool is 48 times and, in five of the his six full seasons, hes played more than 50 matches. Thats despite the heavy-handed defending; despite him being a marked man; despite defenders, coaches, managers, everyone knowing what a threat he is.

Roberts summarised by saying: For me, he is an absolute legend. For me, hes one of the best players who has played for the club, certainly in the modern era.

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