News from London: Potter hasn’t yet won reprieve despite desperate Chelsea win

Graham Potter’s Chelsea job is not safe, in spite of his Blues team’s eager victory at home to Leeds United at Stamford Bridge.

Let’s not get prematurely carried away, CFC fans. Defeating Leeds at home by the slimmest of margins may have bought Potter some time, though he is far from out of the woods. Although, he’s no longer figuratively lost without a compass and no orienteering skills. Just about. Hope remains with Todd Boehly and presumably some of his fellow Chelsea chiefs over the Englishman; reports state that the board is split with regards to retaining the manager.

I must admit, I think on paper the Potter blueprint – or Blues print, sorry – was a decent idea. The problem is that none of us thought that the ex-Ostersunds, Swansea City and Brighton & Hove Albion boss would take this long to motivate and gel his squad. Adding a host of expensive and talented signings actually appeared to cost them more awful results on the pitch. What does defeating Leeds change for the gaffer? Not a whole lot, apart from a confidence boost within the roster. Potter is still on remand awaiting his adjourned trial, so to speak.

First of all, Chels’ created chances again. Nevertheless, a true striker or competent target man seems to be required to turn opportunities into further goals. The Blues midfield was fragile – even more so with just two men there. However, finding a way to win is admirable.

Meanwhile battening down the hatches at 70 minutes in pure preparation for a likely crisis of conceding is slightly unnerving. What elation the stars of the Bridge must have felt at full-time on Saturday!?

Unfortunately for the 47-year-old, the Whites victory ultimately isn’t a stay of execution for his position at the helm. Elimination to Borussia Dortmund in Tuesday’s Champions League tie would place Potter in predictable peril once more with more of the fan base turning. One down, one to go.