The reason why Cole Palmer left Man City for Chelsea is revealed

The reason why star Chelsea playmaker Cole Palmer left Manchester City for the Blues has been revealed by Citizens head coach Pep Guardiola. The Pride of London comment on that revelation, along with previewing the upcoming CFC match against MCFC.

Palmer wasn’t offered quite enough opportunities for Man City, as I see it. Although it does appear that Guardiola wanted to keep the talented 21-year-old. The Citizens boss even offered his one-time player more declined playing time at Etihad Stadium:

‘I said to him “Riyad Mahrez is leaving, you are going to get a chance here”. ‘He said “No, I’m not going to play here, I want to leave” so I said “OK, leave!”.

‘We’d never stop a deal because of that. Why, if the transfer suits both clubs and the player? That means you are a small club.

‘Big clubs make decisions for the benefit of all three parties. If a player wants to go to Chelsea or [Manchester] United or Liverpool, what is the problem if they are happy to be there and we are happy with the transfer? Another player comes here and we keep going with a good spirit’.

– Pep Guardiola

One of the more interesting elements of Sunday’s match, alongside Palmer probably making an impact, shall be the dual between two wise and experienced managers. On the one hand you have the knowledgeable and leading boss in world football, Guardiola. And, on the other, perhaps one of the potential successors to the former Barcelona head coach and star. Or a pretender to the Spaniard’s throne.

The Argentine at CFC’s helm is as astute as he is intent on taking the Blues back to the top. This is the type of huge scalp that could help get a club there. City are the team to beat, not just in England or Europe, but globally. We have seen glimpses of promise of what Mauricio Pochettino’s Blues can do to mammoth sides such as in the Arsenal as well as Liverpool. And, most recently, versus Tottenham Hotspur in that conflict of a contest on Monday evening.

Forecasts for the game obviously expect a Man City win overall. However, there is now a quiet confidence among Chelsea fans over their promising yet far from finished article. Following six successive losses to the Citizens in all competitions since 2021, the probability rating is not so encouraging for Chels’. Man City supposedly have a 54 percent chance of attaining victory; Pochettino’s men are given just 21%.