A surprising club moves to obtain Ronaldo’s services

One of the clubs participating in the Club World Cup next year 2023 is considering entering into negotiations with Cristiano Ronaldo, who terminated his contract with Manchester United a few days ago.

Today, Saturday, the British newspaper “The Sun” said that the Brazilian club Flamengo (the South American champion) has already started its moves to obtain Ronaldo’s services during the current season.

She indicated that Flamengo had started talking with sponsors about how to finance a temporary deal to transfer Ronaldo to Brazilian stadiums.

The British newspaper stated that Flamengo will offer Ronaldo a 3-month contract for the Portuguese player to participate in the Club World Cup.

She stated that Ronaldo (who is currently participating with his country in the World Cup in Qatar) will then have the freedom to move to a new club, or to continue with Flamengo until the end of 2023.

Last Tuesday, Manchester United announced the termination of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract, in the wake of the crisis that erupted between the two parties in recent weeks.