Brendan Rodgers blames Manchester United fans for Harry Maguire criticism

The Reds defender was widely criticised and mocked on social media this week after scoring an own goal in England&aposs 3-1 victory over Scotland. After the match, Gareth Southgate described the abuse Maguire is receiving as &aposa joke&apos and incomparable to what anyone else has received.

Maguire is surplus to requirements at Old Trafford and found his game time cut by Erik ten Hag since he took over. A transfer away from Manchester looked close to being agreed in the summer but negotiations between the defender and West Ham saw the deal come to a halt.

One person who knows Maguire well is Celtic chief Rodgers who managed him during his time at Leicester City. When asked in his pre-match press conference about the current situation surrounding his former centre-back, the 50-year-old laid the blame at United fans&apos feet.

He explained: “I find it a real shame [the criticism Maguire receives] if I am honest. He is a good guy and obviously a top class player and the focus and the noise that has been around him has sadly, probably been created by his own club&aposs supporters.

“That has now spilt out into other clubs&apos supporters. I was at the game the other night [Scotland vs England] and this is a guy who at the last World Cup was in the team of the World Cup so he is not that bad a player. I know having worked with him, if you needed somebody by your side when it is tough, you would want him beside you.

“He&aposs a great man, very honest to the game and I know why Gareth picks him because he has been fantastic for England – a real soldier and leader for the young lads who are coming through there.

“I see the noise which goes around him and it is really sad where it was created from. He is tough, mentally strong and he will prove throughout the rest of his career he is a very good player.”

When asked about Maguire&aposs decision to stick at United and fight for his place in the team instead of choosing to leave, Rodgers added: “It tells you everything you need to know about his mentality. There may come a point when he decides he isn&apost getting the game time he wants and he wants to move on.

“He won&apost shirk the challenge, he is very proud to represent Man United. I remember the summer when he left, there were other clubs who wanted to sign him, I have dealt with other guys in pre-season when they have clubs wanting to sign him and they wobble but this guy, not once.

“He was total committed to Leicester City and it was only right at the very end when he moved and I looked back and I thought his behaviour was absolutely exceptional throughout the whole period. For me, he will continue to fight there and if it is not Manchester United he will go somewhere else and show it there.”

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