Details of Man City FFP investigation panel following Everton points deduction

The Toffees became the third team in Premier League history to be deducted points last Friday as punishment for breaching Profitability and Sustainability rules. Everton have been docked 10 points and gone from 14th to 19th as a result.

City, meanwhile, were hit with unprecedented charges by the Premier League in February, accused of more than 100 breaches of competition rules that include nearly a decade of misrepresenting their finances to relevant authorities and failing to cooperate with an investigation into them. The club insists it has a “comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence that exists in support of its position”, and will be able to defend themselves at an independent tribunal but the complexity and scale of the case means it could take years before it is heard.

The independent commission which will handle the case will be formed of three members selected by Murray Rosen KC, the chair of the Premier League&aposs judicial panel. The panel can include any of the 15 members of the judicial panel, as well as non-members. City and the Premier League will have the option to appeal the decision once a judgement by the tribunal is made, at which point a panel of new members would be selected.

JMW head of sports law Stephen Taylor Heath told Sky Sports News back in February on the panel selection process: “The commission will have a legal representative on the panel, and you&aposd expect that representative to be a pretty heavyweight King&aposs Counsel. Manchester City have had an obligation to comply with the Premier League&aposs investigation and they now have an obligation to comply with the commission&aposs procedure.