Erik ten Hag pointed out big Manchester United problem while trying to avoid it – Richard Fay

He insisted his side were &aposvery good&apos in Istanbul, just as they had been in Copenhagen and Munich. On all three occasions, they scored three goals away from home. On all three occasions, they failed to win.

Ten Hag admitted they have to do &apossome things better&apos, primarily &aposeliminate individual errors&apos and improve work on the transition, but emphasised that he would be more concerned if they hadn&apost played well at all.

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There is certainly some logic to his argument. Indeed, if Andre Onana hadn&apost had such an awful night, they might well have won the game and put themselves on the brink of qualification for the knockout rounds.

In isolation, it is a fair enough assessment of the match, but he pointed out the bigger issue in the process: yes, it was the same against Copenhagen and Bayern Munich as well. That suggests there are underlying problems to fix.

Eliminating individual errors is far easier said than done. Firstly, you have to identify why they keep happening before you can ever hope for them to happen by chance.

It could be down to a lack of confidence, or perhaps even too much, leading to complacency. It could be down to a flaw in the tactics, a system that doesn&apost work, or a situation that the players simply aren&apost comfortable playing in. In the worst case, it could be a result of players simply not being good enough, leading to perceptual errors because they can&apost make the right decisions for themselves.

Whether these mistakes are technical, tactical, or perceptual, there is little to suggest there is a quick fix to them when they have happened so often this season.

United conceded two in four minutes against Bayern Munich, two in four minutes against Copenhagen, two in 10 minutes at home to Galatasaray and two in nine minutes in midweek. You can blame those individual errors all you like, but this is a team with a fundamental lack of discipline, control, and identity.

Just as United wouldn&apost have lost without costly mistakes, it could be argued they won&apost be winning matches without unsustainable moments of magic either.

They led at halftime against Everton without even creating a chance and doubled their lead in midweek thanks to another spectacular goal. Twice in the past week, United have struggled to actually control a game, with their best play coming on the counter-attack. Just like under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, they largely rely on individual moments to win a match.