Every word Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher said about Marcus Rashford in scathing Manchester United verdict

Recalled to the starting line-up after missing the midweek draw with Galatasaray in the Champions League through suspension, the academy graduate was deployed on the right wing, joining forces with Anthony Martial and Alejandro Garnacho in attack. He failed to justify his recall, producing a flat and uninspiring performance.

Hooked after 61 minutes and replaced by Antony, Rashford produced a performance that left United supporters seething at his lack of effort, particularly defensively. He refused to track back and provide Aaron Wan-Bissaka with some much-needed support.

His showing was blasted by Carragher and Keane on Super Sunday following the conclusion of Manchester City&aposs 3-3 draw with Tottenham Hotspur at the Etihad Stadium.

Below, MEN Sport brings you a full transcript of what the former Premier League stars had to say …

Carragher said: “Watching Marcus Rashford last night, that was an unacceptable performance, for a few reasons. And it&aposs not picking on Rashford, I don&apost think anyone comes out of it with any great credit.

“But that lad didn&apost play midweek. So, if there&aposs any little mitigating circumstances of a player maybe not being 100 per cent, where a player plays Wednesday night away in Europe, they play Saturday and then they travel.

“But I&aposve been a local player and it&aposs not easy being a local player, especially when your team are not doing well. You have got to drag other people up with you.

“I am watching Rashford now and he is reminding me of [Anthony] Martial, That is the worst possible thing you can probably say about him.

“A foreign player has come in, hasn&apost done the business and doesn&apost care, really. That is a fact with Martial. Rashford is now looking like Martial.

“If your confidence is down, you&aposre not scoring goals, or you&aposre not getting assists, not a problem. You do not stop running for that badge, that shirt and those supporters.”

Keane jumped in, saying: “The thing with Rashford is they gave him a penalty last week at Everton for his confidence. For his confidence? It&aposs about body language.

“I go back to the wide players I played with; [Ryan] Giggs, [David] Beckham, [Lee] Sharpe, [Andrei] Kanchelskis. Let me tell you: they ran.

“It&aposs alright running that way [forward], you have got to run back. Man United fans don&apost jump on players&apos backs that quickly, let me tell you. Some players they do give the benefit of the doubt.

“They&aposre really frustrated with Rashford at the moment. Is it because of his lack of skill? Not really. They don&apost see a player running.”

Carragher then added: “We are not asking for goals and assists with Rashford, they&aposll come, as we have seen in the past. What we&aposre asking for is leadership.

“It doesn&apost matter who he&aposs playing with, those players have got to look up to him and go, &aposHe is Manchester United. He is what embodies this football club&apos. He needs to drag them up.

“That football club is an unbelievable football club and it will get back to the top. That will happen. But it is Rashford&aposs job, more than anybody in that squad, because he is local, to drag that team with him.”

Keane continued: “He&aposs 26; he&aposs not a child anymore. We are talking about examples around the training ground.