Gary Lineker names ‘unacceptable’ thing Erik ten Hag has done at Manchester United

Ten Hag has not been shy at making his thoughts clear on players in press conferences when he feels standards have slipped. Most recently, the Dutchman was involved in a public spat with Jadon Sancho after he called him out following the defeat to Arsenal in September.

Sancho took exception to this on social media and branded himself a &aposscapegoat&apos for United&aposs failings. He has since been exiled from the first-team squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo also made it clear all was not well between himself and the manager in a tell-all interview with Piers Morgan last year. Soon afterwards, Ten Hag came to an agreement to part ways with the Portuguese legend.

On his The Rest is Football podcast, Lineker was asked whether &aposplayer power&apos will utlimately defeat Ten Hag. In response, the former Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur striker named the boss&apos one failing since arriving in Manchester.

“Its hard to tell with these player power things but it felt like they down tooled a little bit at the weekend against Newcastle, thats for sure,” he explained. “They didnt exactly put too much effort in.

“I mean sometimes that can be confused with a lack of confidence and when you are losing your way on the pitch. But generally it is the manager that suffers under these circumstances.

“But talking about player power, certainly in the modern age, managing has changed. You have to have the players on board, you cant just go around b******ing players, in fact it was always a no go when you go public with players.