Man City fans have no reason to worry after Pep Guardiola’s latest contract comments – Jack Flintham

Knowing that you are one of the best coaches in the world probably helps you to be composed when discussing your future, always being safe in the knowledge that there will be a queue of clubs wanting your services when you eventually leave. But for supporters, when it looked like Guardiola may not agree a new deal at the Etihad Stadium beyond the end of this year, it was a cause for concern.

When he did sign the contract last month, it appeared as though the speculation had come to an end. For 18 months at least.

However, the Catalonian&aposs comments on Monday reopened the conversation regarding the boss&apos future. He told Marca: “The moment I feel something is wrong, I will resign or not renew my contract.

“I will not stay as [Sir Alex] Ferguson or [Arsene] Wenger. The contract is just a piece of paper.

“I extended my commitment to the club because I feel the team can still do well under my leadership. In the end, it&aposs all about the result.

“If we get tired of each other, I&aposm not going to stay until the end because of the contract.”

On first glance these comments may once again strike dread into the hearts of the fans but the comments really show he has the long-term future of the club in his heart.

Guardiola references Wenger in his comments and City must do everything possible to avoid that scenario from occurring. At Arsenal, it was clear that Wenger had outstayed his welcome at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners were falling behind the rest and due to his legendary status at the club, the owners found it impossible to sack him. In the long term, Wenger would hinder Arsenal by not stepping away sooner.

What Guardiola is admitting is that he knows that the club is bigger than any personal accomplishments. Currently, City remain on an upward trajectory but should that dip, it is clear that the 51-year-old will know when his time is up.

There is no doubt that while the Blues are still performing, Guardiola will remain in Manchester. No other club is going to turn his head, not even Barcelona.