Manchester United favourite disagrees with Gary Neville’s takeover theory

In November, the Glazers announced a strategic review into the running of United. Since then, updates have been in short supply and fans are wondering whether or not the Reds will be sold. After the clash with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, Neville told Sky Sports the ongoing uncertainty would have an impact on the players.

He explained: “There is still messing around behind the scenes. Can you imagine how unsettled it is behind the scenes, for the staff at the club wondering whether they have got a job in the next six months when the new owners came in?

“Imagine the players who came in and wondering whether new owners come in and want to spend money. Imagine if you are wanting to sell a business, this causes a really unsettled environment everywhere and it creates a toxicity at Manchester United and believe me I know people there, it exists and the owners have created that.”

However, speaking to MEN Sport, Yorke is confident the takeover will not be at the forefront of players&apos minds. “Gary Neville is very opinionated and he has a huge platform,” the 51-year-old said.

“Football is obviously built on opinion, and I think the long-running takeover saga has been unsettling for United, though I cant imagine the players getting caught up in that too much as theyre more focused on playing football and winning matches.

“A lot of people are angry that the Glazers arent selling the club, but if you asked the players about the takeover and whether its going to affect results, theyll say no. I dont think they give two monkeys about what the Glazers are doing right now.

“The main concern, as far as players go, is focusing on performances and doing the job that theyre paid very well for. The ownership will have knock-on effects in other areas of the club, but the players and coaches will be concentrating on their tasks.”

Yorke was speaking to the Manchester Evening News in his role as ambassador for Genting Casino.

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