Manchester United icon Paul Scholes hit the nail on the head with Erik ten Hag verdict – Jack Flintham

The defeat to FC Copenhagen in the Champions League on Wednesday night felt distinctively different to the losses which have proceeded it this season. Yes, United had spells but their capitulation right at the death has left their European journey hanging firmly in the balance.

When the draw was made for the group stages, United were expected to progress with ease but frankly, it has been a nightmare from start to finish. Considering the state of the Premier League at present, many fans were hanging their hopes on the cup competitions to provide respite.

Instead, they are out of the Carabao Cup and are on the verge of a Champions League exit too. Something needs to change but the manager is not the answer.

Paul Scholes explained the situation perfectly in the aftermath of the defeat on Wednesday night. “I still don&apost think there is that much pressure on him. He had a good year and I think he has bought himself a little bit of time in that respect,” he told TNT Sports.

“He&aposs had a few injuries, but nine defeats in 17 games is not good enough. All of those managers have been sacked in that second or third year, but I don&apost think we can afford to do that anymore.

“I think we have got to let this fella go with it, he&aposs been good up until this point. He&aposs a little bit unlucky tonight, you have to say that.”

United have been down the route of chopping and changing managers at will. When David Moyes didn&apost work out they sacked him, when Louis van Gaal failed, they sacked him, Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer… All of these managers met the same fate.

However, all it has done is create this amalgamation of players from different eras which the current boss is stuck with to try and create their philosophy at the club. It does not work.

Sooner or later there comes a time when the powers that be decide they have to stick with the manager and allow them to ride the storm. We have clearly passed the point of sackings and Ten Hag should be given the time to try and see his vision through.