Mancunian Man City fans work average of six hours to buy match ticket

Tickets for Citys top Premier League matches are priced between 68 and 85 for adults. Theyre some of the most expensive match tickets in the country. However, the average hourly wage in Manchester stands at 14.42, according to the latest government figures.

It means the average person has to work between 4.7 and 5.9 hours in order to afford a ticket. And thats not taking tax into account. No other club asks its local population to work as long in order to buy the top-priced match tickets.

The clubs pricing structure appears to be having an impact on the crowd who attend home matches, which is something the clubs manager, Pep Guardiola, has noticed.

Speaking with Sky Sports after Citys dramatic comeback to beat Tottenham, the City boss said: “[We are lacking] passion, desire, to win from minute one. Its the same for our spectators, our fans. They are so silent for 45 minutes.

“It is my duty, it is my job. I want my fans back. I want my fans in here. Not my away fans – my away fans is the best. But my fans in here, we want support for every corner, their reaction and support, because we play, we cannot expect [to win].”

After Manchester City, Southamptons fans have to work the longest in order to buy their clubs top-priced tickets. The most expensive matchday tickets at St Marys cost 89 each.

With a local average age of 15.59 per hour, it means Saints fans have to work 5.7 hours in order to buy their clubs most expensive matchday tickets. The most expensive tickets for West Ham are 100 each, which works out as 5.3 hours of the local average wage.

Fulham also charge 100 for their top tickets, which works out at 4.6 hours work for local people. Arsenals 99 tickets work out as 4.5 hours work, while Tottenhams 98 tickets also work out as 4.5 hours work. The most affordable tickets are at Nottingham Forest.

The top-priced tickets there are 40 each. That works out at just 2.9 hours work based on the local average.

Club // Top priced match ticket // Hours needed to work based on local average

Manchester City // 85 // 5.9 hours

Southampton // 89 // 5.7 hours

West Ham United // 100 // 5.3 hours

Fulham // 100 // 4.6 hours

Arsenal // 99 // 4.5 hours

Tottenham Hotspur // 98 // 4.5 hours

Leicester City // 58 // 4.3 hours

Wolverhampton Wanderers // 60 // 4.2 hours

Brighton & Hove Albion // 70 // 4 hours

Aston Villa // 59 // 3.9 hours

Liverpool // 59 // 3.8 hours

Bournemouth // 55 // 3.6 hours

Brentford // 65 // 3.6 hours

Chelsea // 76 // 3.5 hours

Everton // 50 // 3.3 hours

Leeds United // 52 // 3.2 hours

Crystal Palace // 65 // 3.2 hours

Nottingham Forest // 40 // 2.9 hours

Manchester United // Ticket prices not available // N/A

Newcastle United // Ticket prices not available // N/A

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