News From Manchester: How Erling Haaland compares to Cristiano Ronaldo and other Premier League forwards on FIFA 22

City confirmed the signing of Haaland earlier this month from Borussia Dortmund, with the striker joining Pep Guardiola's side for a fee of 51 million. Haaland is expected to be one of the top earners at City, alongside Kevin De Bruyne, on around 400,000-a-week.

The Premier League already boasts some of the most talented forwards in the world, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, Heung-min Son and Sadio Mane all genuinely world-class strikers. So, how does Haaland compare? To find out, we compared Haaland to the aforementioned five players on FIFA 22.

Erling Haaland's FIFA 22 stats compared

When signing a striker, arguably the most important consideration should be how clinical they are. So, how will Haalands finishing stats compare to the other five on FIFA 22? Finishing stats on FIFA are based on a players ability to finish inside the box.


Haaland: 94

Ronaldo: 94

Kane: 94

Salah: 93

Son: 88

Mane: 86

According to FIFA 22, Haaland will be the joint-best finisher in the league. Level with two of the best strikers in the world (Kane and Ronaldo) and better than both of the 2021/22 Premier Leagues top goalscorers (Salah and Son). City have at times lacked a poacher in the box since Sergio Aguero's departure and so Haaland should be able to offer them just that.


Ronaldo: 93

Haaland: 91

Kane: 91

Salah: 89

Son: 87

Mane: 83

The reason Haalands rating is lower than Ronaldo's here is that his penalty rating is just 76 (14 below Ronaldo) and his long shots rating is 87 (5 below Ronaldo). This doesn't necessarily mean that Haaland isn't clinical from long range or a good penalty taker. He is still only 22 and has a long time to improve these attributes.

There have been questions about how Haalands individual style will adapt to Citys possession-based football, so lets compare his passing stats.

Short passing

Salah: 85

Kane: 84

Son: 84

Mane: 84

Ronaldo: 80

Haaland : 74

Long passing

Kane: 85

Ronaldo: 77

Salah: 77

Son: 74

Mane: 71

Haaland: 51

Perhaps there should be a bit of worry about how Haaland will adapt. Haaland has comfortably the worst stats on both these lists, despite signing for the team who completed the most passes in the league this season.

To look on the positive side, his long passing will not be needed most of the time, so despite his woeful stats, that should not be much of a worry. For the goals he will bring, a slight drop-off in passing may be worth the sacrifice.

Another area where Haaland has been accused of lacking quality is his dribbling. Lets take a look at his dribbling stats and see if this is a fair claim.


Salah: 92

Mane: 88

Son: 87

Ronaldo: 86

Kane: 83

Haaland: 78

Another list where Citys new signing finds himself bottom, but his stats are not woeful. 78 is just average, which might be all he needs as a striker. A big part of dribbling is how fast a player is, so lets move on to Haalands speed stats


Salah: 91

Mane: 91

Haaland: 88

Son: 88

Ronaldo: 85

Kane: 67

Much more promising stats for Haaland here. His pace will allow him to race in behind Premier League defences and get on the end of all the service Citys midfielders will inevitably give him.

His electrifying pace will also make his dribbling less of a worry, as speed is a crucial part of being a dribbler. The two best dribblers on our lists are Salah and Mane, whose main way of getting past opponents is using their speed, rather than dribbling in tight spaces.

Last but certainly not least, we take a look at Haalands physical stats, his strength being the focus.


Haaland: 93

Kane: 84

Ronaldo: 77

Salah: 75

Mane: 72

Son: 64

Haalands clear physical advantage over these attackers bodes well for him. As a striker for City, he may have to hold the ball up at times to allow runners to get in behind him and his strength will help him to do so.

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