News From Manchester: ‘You’ll never sing that’ – Man City fans react as Fernandinho wins bizarre Premier League award

On Thursday, the 37-year-old midfielder was named as the winner of the Premier League's Oracle Most Powerful Goal award. The what now?

Fernandinho has claimed the inaugural prize for his thunderbolt in the 4-0 win at Leeds last month, which was measured to have an average speed of 117.6km/h between the ball leaving his boot to crossing the goal line.

It was the fastest average speed from all the goals scored from outside the area in the 2021/22 season, without a deflection off another player.

While any award is worth boasting about, it is a bit of a random accolade for the Premier League to introduce this season. On Twitter, fans have been left a little confused.

@Captainfriendz5: I mean tbf that's the most shoehorn award since Klopp winning the Premiership Manager of the season award

@ronanpatlee: Hooray Whats with all these awards? What's next? Best throw in? Best at beating the offside trap?

@JMC_OfficiaI: Bruh this awards are getting out of hand now

@citykevin_: Rodri's one looked much stronger but fair enough

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