‘Passing the buck’ – Rio Ferdinand’s verdict on controversial Manchester United VAR call

Four minutes passed between Scott McTominay scoring and VAR deciding to overrule the goal for offside. In the build-up, Harry Maguire was deemed to have intervened with play before Alejandro Garnacho could knock the ball back for the goal.

However, referee John Brooks was called to the monitor to make the call as it was decided the matter of whether Maguire interfered or not was &apossubjective&apos. The call by the officials was met with anger by Erik ten Hag and the supporters in attendance but Ferdinand felt the decision was correct.

He told TNT Sports: “[The first half was] tedious. Its been a very slow watch, Fulham have had some good chances but obviously the [offside] decision is the big talking point.

“The on-field decision is just them [VAR] passing the buck, isnt it? Thats what it is really, just make a decision.

“In the end, its the right decision and Harry Maguire does influence the defenders decision, his position as well maybe so I think it was the correct decision in the end.”

Adding to this, Joe Cole said: “They got it right but weve seen the debacle that happened at Spurs against Liverpool in recent times.

“Its a real tricky situation because Maguire is offside, and then he does make an attempt. But for a second, just imagine the pressure VAR is under at the moment – weve had 35-40 minutes to make our minds up about this and they took four minutes, yes, but they got it right.”