Pep Guardiola clarifies what he wants from Man City fans after criticism of boos vs Tottenham

There were boos at half-time at the Etihad as City suddenly found themselves 2-0 down thanks to two poor defensive goals, having been level on 44 minutes. However, the crowd responded after the break to lift their side, and by 52 minutes City were level before going on to win an entertaining game 4-2.

Guardiola then went on a series of extraordinary interviews where he stated: &aposI want my fans back&apos – saying they were silent for the first 45 minutes of the game. In his post-match press conference, he added that his frustrations laid with the fact that City as a whole club feel too comfortable and are not showing the appropriate desire to compete with Arsenal for the Premier League title.

In his interview with Sky Sports, Guardiola had said: “[We are lacking in] guts, passion, fire, desire to win from minute one. The same with our fans, they are silent for 45 minutes.

“They booed because we were losing but not because we played bad we played good. Maybe its like our team. Maybe they are so comfortable winning four Premier Leagues in five years. And after we scored they react, but that is not the point.

“I want my fans back. My fans in here. Not my away fans, my away fans are the best. My fans here to support every corner, every action because we cannot expect. Tottenham is one of the toughest opponents Ive ever faced. So we could not expect to be 3-0 up after 30 minutes. We have to do it but everyone is relaxed. In the Premier League, no way.”

His frustrations were still on show by the time he faced the written media in his press conference, although he did move to clarify exactly what he wanted from his supporters after his initial criticisms.

The fans, they come here and we have to give them,” he said. “They expect Oh, were Manchester City, we have to do it. No, we dont have it right now. The tendency of the human being when youve won a lot is Ah, I should do this, I should do that. No, you have to work. You have to put fire there – in every ball, in every action, in every situation.

“Its not about being better. Its Come on, lets go. Its normal to be in a situation behind another team. We have been in this position a few times – behind Liverpool – then lets go. And now, we were lucky today. I didnt expect to come back at half-time against Tottenham when they were 5-4-1 and aggressive. Bentancur, Hojbjerg fouls and every action go to the referee five, six players and defend each other. What do we expect?

“Its football, sometimes you dont know why we come back. If we want to do something we have to come back.

Although Guardiola said his players must give the fans encouragement, he later said the fans must also demand more from the City squad, and not rely on their ability to come back from behind, if they want to have any chance of closing down Arsenal in the table.

Guardiola continued: “Our fans have to push us, demand more, have to shout: Come on guys, I know how good you are, show us again. Ah well we come, score a goal.&apos

“No. It cannot be 0-2 down to react. Today we were lucky. Nine times out of 10 you dont come back. We are able to do it, we came back at Aston Villa and many times, but we are not able to do it every time.


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