Premier League ‘set’ to introduce huge VAR change with Manchester United and Man City affected

Currently, top-flight VAR officials have to draw the lines when making offside calls but the new system uses artificial intelligence and 29-point skeletal tracking to make an instant decision. The referee will ultimately make the final call but the hope down the line is that it will become a fully automated system where instant messages are sent to the referees watch.

The Times reports that Premier League clubs are expected to vote on it after the World Cup, where the technology will also be in use. Its hoped its introduction in England will drastically reduce stoppages in play, which sometimes can last for minutes.

This has been demonstrated in the Champions League, where pinpoint accurate calls have been flagged in quicktime. The system will mean more marginal calls are made although this time using technology rather than human judgement.

Manchester United and Manchester City already have the capacity to implement the extra cameras to facilitate the system, along with eight other Premier League clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

The technology, which will use both broadcast and purpose-installed cameras to make the decisions, is set to be costly but is seen as a worthwhile spend given the benefits it will bring.

The Premier League is not the only top five European top-flight considering its implementation with Serie A already trialling the tracking system, albeit it isnt being actively used.


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