Rasmus Hojlund’s critics miss point with Manchester United’s new striker – Jack Flintham

As far as debuts go, Rasmus Hojlund&aposs bow at Arsenal is possibly one of the most difficult he could have asked for. The game was at a crucial point at 1-1 and although the result went against the Reds there was still plenty to be hopeful about – particularly when it came to their new striker.

On his first taste of Premier League football, it was clear Hojlund would suit the physicality of the division. The Gunners&apos defence had a difficult time coping with the 20-year-old and will be thankful they managed to stop him from scoring.

But, as has become common place with new United signings, the lack of an instant impact has led to criticism of the youngster already.

In an interview with The Express, former Liverpool man Graeme Souness said: “I don&apost think Manchester United are going to be any better than they were last season. They&aposve spent 72m on a young centre forward in Rasmus Hojlund, who has not got a great goalscoring record.

“He played 34 games for Atalanta and only hit the back of the net 10 times. Now he&aposs come to a league where it&aposs really tough to get goals. I might be wrong but that&aposs one hell of a gamble for somebody that doesn&apost have a proven track record.”

Arguably, Souness&apos opinion has been clouded by the success of Erling Haaland in the blue half of Manchester. At only a couple of years Hojlund&aposs senior, the Norwegian has proven he is already a once in a generation talent.

Unfortunately for United, those are not easy to come by. However, even then, for a 20-year-old to be scoring ten in 34 matches in Serie A is still impressive. Take into account his performances for Denmark and you see why Erik ten Hag has taken the gamble.

Hojlund should also benefit from more chances being created too. According to the Premier League United are averaging a higher xG than last season which should suggest the opportunities for the Dane will come thick and fast.

Before being quick to write Hojlund off so soon into his career, it is worth remembering his age and the ability he has already showcased on the biggest stages. His first season will be a learning curve but with the right environment, the 20-year-old should thrive.

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