Rio Ferdinand calls on Manchester United to show ‘clarity’ over Jadon Sancho

Sancho has been on an individual training programme after Erik ten Hag declared that he was not in the right fitness state to go to the training camp in Spain over the World Cup break. The Englishman is currently taking time away from social media as he focuses on his family and football.

When asked following the victory over Burnley in the Carabao Cup if there were any updates on Sancho, Ten Hag simply replied: “No.”

But the winger has now returned to Carrington. Ferdinand now believes that this is the right time for United to be more open about the 22-year-old&aposs condition.

Speaking on his Vibe with Five YouTube channel, the 44-year-old said: “Jadon Sancho is an interesting one. Hes gone away and hes doing personal training somewhere.

“I dont know whats happened or whats behind all this. I dont know what it is.

“Is he not fit or is it mental? What are they seeing at United? It would be nice to get that clarity.

“Listen, Jadon Sancho is a south London boy so I care about him and want him to do well. But he hasnt hit the ground running at Manchester United, for whatever reason. I dont know why.”

Ferdinand added: “United actually need him right now, they need another player because the depth on the bench isnt great. Sancho would add to that but he needs to come back and be the Sancho we saw at Dortmund, the Sancho that got people off their seats.

“I watched an old video of Sancho the other day and he was tearing it up against Barcelona at the Nou Camp. Thats the Sancho I expected to see at United.