Roy Keane has pinpointed the Manchester United mindset change Marcus Rashford needs to make – Jack Flintham

One of the main factors behind that rise was the form of Marcus Rashford. Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and latterly Ralf Rangnick, Rashford had looked a shadow of his former self with the weight of expectation clearly hanging from his shoulders.

Yet, Ten Hag&aposs arrival seemed to rejuvenate the English winger. His whopping 30 goals last season carried the Reds towards their success and it seemed as though United had the player which they desperately needed after Cristiano Ronaldo left.

However, this campaign has been a struggle for Rashford. Some tendencies which snuck into his game in the dark Rangnick era have started to creep back and there are worries that last year was the exception rather than the rule.

When Rashford was at the top of his game in January, Roy Keane spotted something in his mindset which could be the key to rectifying his form this season. He told Sky Sports: “Sometimes it&aposs about confidence – there is where he&aposs peaking now. He&aposs played a lot of games for United and big games for England in the last few years.

“Sometimes the penny drops for a player in terms of decision-making and putting the ball in the back of the net. And they&aposve needed him.

“The question mark I&aposve had over Marcus in the last few years is, has he got that personality to step up to the plate? United have had some great strikers over the years, and I think they need someone like that.

“Marcus has to say he wants that responsibility to be the main man. The best players turn up week in and week out. It looks like he&aposs now enjoying that responsibility, which is great to see.”

It seems almost too simplistic but Rashford needs to start relishing the responsibility on his shoulders at United once again. The ability to have the freedom to shake off the pressure and not let it drown you is tough however, this mindset change would surely see us witness the return of the forward we loved to watch last year.