Sir Jim Ratcliffe has just made £245m gesture that Manchester United fans will love – Steven Railston

Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar, whose proposal was for 100 per cent of the club, walked away from talks to buy United in October and that paved the way for Ratcliffe&aposs proposal for a minority stake.

INEOS founder Ratcliffe is willing to pay an inflated price, believed to be around 1.25billion, for assurances he will have control over particular footballing aspects and with a view to eventually buying the entire club.

The news of Ratcliffe being close to a breakthrough in the takeover process was met with a mixed reaction among supporters, with the most vocal opposition to his bid generally coming from fans who follow United online.

The majority of supporters and match-going fans have been welcoming to Ratcliffe&aposs bid because they understand the Failsworth-born billionaire buying a minority stake is a first step to removing the Glazers.

Throughout the takeover process over the last year, Joel and Avram were always understood to be reluctant sellers and consequently, the Qatari bid was never going to be successful unless they met an &aposoutlandish valuation&apos.

Ratcliffe acquiring a minority stake is a compromise and, quite simply, better than nothing. This type of breakthrough would have also been unanimously celebrated If the Qatari money had never been in the takeover picture.

The takeover updates had gone quiet in the last few weeks, but Sky News provided a promising update on Friday afternoon by reporting Ratcliffe&aposs deal will be finalised this month, along with additional investment.

The report has outlined Ratcliffe will commit $300m (245m) from his own multimillion pound fortune to address the club&aposs ageing infrastructure and that&aposs additional investment alongside his bid for a 25 per cent stake.

It&aposs also stated that the 245m investment would be staggered, with the bulk of it being handed to the club by the end of the year, but the money would be financed by Ratcliffe personally and would not add to United&aposs existing borrowings.

It&aposs understood the additional investment would be focused on United&aposs physical infrastructure and not on footballing matters.

Ratcliffe has previously hinted that addressing footballing matters would be his priority, although this fresh report will appease supporters who questioned whether he would invest in redeveloping Old Trafford.

Old Trafford was a world-class stadium befitting of England&aposs biggest club during the 2000s, but it&aposs fallen behind over the last decade and the leaking roof and shabby concourses have become symbolic of the Glazers&apos ownership.

The additional investment pledged by Ratcliffe from his personal wealth signals his intentions and it&aposs a gesture to get supporters onside, something they will no doubt appreciate after years of nothing from the Glazers.