Steven Gerrard switches opinion on Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo

Gerrard, who recently moved to Saudi Arabia to coach Al Ettifaq, was full of praise for Al Nassr&aposs captain when asked about the forward&aposs impact in the Middle East. Waxing lyrical about the 38-year-old, the former midfielder told the SPL: “The arrival of The GOAT as we call him, Cristiano, him arriving in January obviously was a huge signing.

“He still had a lot of football to offer. So, from afar, for six months, I was looking in at Cristiano Ronaldos results, at the league, watching some games and watching some highlights.

“I think from that moment, the league around the world had become a very popular talking point for everyone. After Cristianos arrival, even more big-name signings, talents and skill sets were joining the league.”

While Gerrard is correct about the sudden influx of talent from football&aposs top leagues to Saudi Arabia, the 43-year-old&aposs switch in opinion has sparked controversy. A year ago, Gerrard took part in an Overlap interview with former United captain Gary Neville.

One of the questions Neville posed was on the &aposGOAT&apos debate between Lionel Messi and Ronaldo. Confidently Gerrard replied: “It&aposs Lionel Messi for me.

“But Im someone who would never have a derogatory word to say about Ronaldo, because he is phenomenal.”

Since his unceremonious exit from Old Trafford last November, the former United man arrived in the Saudi Pro League at the beginning of 2023.

Currently, the striker is enjoying a late resurgence in the Middle East having bagged 16 goals in 17 appearances. Ronaldo remains an integral part of the Portuguese national team too where he is currently playing alongside United captain Bruno Fernandes.