Top Manchester United investor ditches more than half of its stock amid takeover saga

Arielbegan selling shares in the Reds in March 2022. Initially, the Chicago-based firm held 12.3m shares in United, which is roughly 7.5 per cent of the club.

However, amid the news in November 2022 regarding the Glazers undertaking a &aposstrategic review&apos into their ownership, this fire sale has picked up even further pace. Currently, according to City AM, their investment in United has been slashed to 5.7m and is continuing to drop.

The reasoning behind Ariel selling stock in United is unknown, but there could be several explanations for this move including shifting capital because the stock price is high or the fact the stock is depreciating and the investor does not see it rising again. All of this comes as the Reds are involved in a period of uncertainty in the boardroom.