‘Why put petrol on the fire? – Rio Ferdinand questions Jadon Sancho over Manchester United fallout

Sancho has been exiled from training after refusing to apologise to Ten Hag over his statement, in which he claimed he was scapegoated after his boss omitted him from the squad against Arsenal due to training levels. In the days afterwards, Sancho was photographed alongside Aaron Wan-Bissaka at the birthday party of NBA star John Wall. Ferdinand said this was not the right move and only cast more cloud over his situation.

Speaking on YouTube show FIVE, he said: I dont understand why Jadon would allow that picture to go anywhere. Or put himself in a position. You just dont go out.

Why are you putting petrol on the fire? The fire is blazing right now and if you were to pick a picture to really antagonise and set that even more alight, thats one of the first. Im saying dont even get on that flight. Dont even get out of the country, get on the training pitch, get your studs in the grass.

He later added: Jadon is a shy guy. For him to come out the way he did on the offensive says to me theres something else going on here that he felt he had the trust of the manager and that trust has been broken.

Ten Hag sent Sancho on an individual training course in the Netherlands over the festive period last year to help him get back to peak physical and mental fitness. He returned to action for United the following February.

Ferdinand suggested Ten Hags post-match press conference comments against Arsenal were intentional, mooting that he was trying a different approach with the player to see how he would react.

Hes [Ten Hag] exhausted every avenue to try and get the best out of Jadon Sancho,” added Ferdinand. “I think Jadon would agree he hasnt lived up to the hype yet and the fee. And the manager has gone, this is my last chance.

I cant get anything out of him with everything else Ive done so Im going to make it public&apos and see if that public embarrassment gets him pressed enough where he goes you know what Im not having this. Im going to come back with a performance. I think the manager going public with Jadon was a big call. Did he understand the risk with that?

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