Giraud: I hope to avoid facing this team in the second round

France striker Olivier Giraud and historic Duke toptain wish to avoid a certain confrontation in the second round of the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar.

“We always say that whoever wants to move forward has to beat any competitor,” Giraud said on TF1’s Televot show.

“But if we avoid facing Argentina in the last 16 it will be a lot better,” the Milan striker said.

France’s historic top scorer has confirmed equally with retired legend Thierry Henri that he is ready to face Tunisia at the end of the first round, after recovering from bruising pain in the last match against Denmark.

France ensured to qualify from Group D with two consecutive wins against Australia (4-1) and Denmark (2-1), leaving only to decide the lead against Tunisia.

Argentina finished second in Group C with 3 equal points with Saudi Arabia, then Mexico with 1 point, while Poland top the ranking with 4 points.

In the last 16 he meets the top of the third group with the runner-up of the fourth group, while the leader of the fourth group plays with the runner-up of the third set.